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Modified Roofing

Learn more about Modified roofing, or "Mod-bit," short for Modified Bitumen for low-slope Commercial roofs in Dickson County & Middle Tennessee.

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Modified Roofing at a Glance

Full Name

Modified Bitumen


Low-slope commercial roofs


Mid-high range price

Color Options

Several colors available

Life Span

20+ Years

Made Of

Asphalt combined with rubber or plastic, then reinforced with fiberglass

Pros to TPO Roofing

  • Energy efficiency: The material used for Modified roofing does not absorb as much heat as other materials which makes for less strain on air conditioning units and keeps homes and businesses cool during warmer months. 
  • Durability: Formulated to remain flexible, Modified is less likely to crack or form leaks during cold fronts. 
  • Versatility: Used in both residential and commercial applications, Modified is often used in conjunction with other roofing materials to produce an aesthetically pleasing visual as well as an efficient solution to roofing needs.
  • Safety: Modified variations can be rated up to Class A fire rating.
  • Environmentally friendly: When recycled appropriately, Modified is a great alternative to traditional roofing materials as its recyclable qualities allow for less waste.

Cons to Modified Roofing

  • Price: Modified is in the mid-range of investments when compared to other roofing options.
  • Cold Installation: Due to its fragility in heat, damage can be done by too much foot traffic occurrence when installed in high temperatures
  • Strong Odor: During the time of installation, a strong odor can be detected depending on how much space was covered.

TPO Roofing


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30+ Year Life

Modified Roofing


Less Expensive
High Strength
20+ Year Life

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Least Expensive
50+ Year Life

Shingle Roofing


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Traditional Look
20+ Year Life

Steel Roofing


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60+ Year Life

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60+ Year Life